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Name Ari-bani
FactionIron Master
NavrefAlbany, New York
First AppearanceIron Master

Ari-bani (navref Albany, NY) is a port and ferry crossing in the Yama-Shita domain in Ne-Issan. It is located on the Hudson River and is a major crossing point into the Toh-Yota territory. Ari-bani is strategically vital, as it holds the junction of the Hudson and the canal linking the river to Lake Iri is located just upriver at Taro-ya (Troy, NY).

In the booksEdit

Steve Brickman passed through Ari-bani on his way to the Heron Pool. He met a fellow AMEXICO agent named Side-Winder here and enlisted his aid in preparing an escape route from Ne-Issan after the destruction of the Heron Pool.

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