Mexico was a Pre-H nation-state located immediately south of the United States. Like the USA and Canada, it was destroyed in the War of a Thousand Suns.

At present, the territory of Mexico is held by the Southern Mutes. The Amtrak Federation believes its destiny is to reoccupy the former borders of the USA before going on to inherit all of the blue-sky world, so has not attempted to claim any territory within the former borders of Mexico as yet, although it does guard the border of Texas and mounts occasional fire-sweeps into the territory to reduce Southern Mute numbers there.

According to Federation teachings and records, the North American continent runs south of the small former states south of Mexico and terminates there. The existence of other continents - even the immediately adjacent landmass of South America - is not acknowledged by the Federation, although the First Family has access to Pre-H world maps and knows that other continents do exist.

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